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Beginning of our journey

27 years ago, Integrity Metal Works Ltd. began as the vision of a young and dynamic individual named Steve Couronne, driven by his passion for mechanical engineering. From the age of 12, Steve displayed a preference for hands-on vocational work over traditional academics, a choice wholeheartedly supported by his parents who encouraged him to pursue his dreams. He embarked on his journey by joining a local workshop to gain training as a turner and fitter, and by 18, he had honed his skills to professional standards, setting his sights on establishing and expanding his own business.

Despite facing challenges in his environment, such as the disadvantaged setting of Batterie-Cassée and various social issues, Steve remained undeterred. With unwavering determination and a belief in the adage "the future depends on what you do today," he persevered, diligently working and making sacrifices daily to turn his aspirations into reality.


Steve Couronne

"As the driving force and Director of Integrity Metal Works Ltd, I take pride in leading a team that epitomizes entrepreneurship and determination. Dedicated to overcoming challenges and delivering excellence in every project, we blend innovation with a steadfast commitment to quality. Our team specializes in tailored mechanical engineering solutions that consistently surpass client expectations. Our success rests on the pillars of integrity, reliability, and a firm pursuit of perfection. When you choose to partner with Integrity Metal Works Ltd., rest assured, my team and I are fully equipped to not only meet but exceed your needs and goals."

Joyce Couronne

"As a co-founder and Director of Integrity Metal Works Ltd., our journey from modest beginnings to a respected industry name speaks volumes about our unwavering dedication and belief in the value of hard work. With a primary focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions, we continually strive to surpass expectations. At Integrity Metal Works Ltd., we don't simply offer services – we forge relationships, instil confidence, and catalyse success."

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Our Services

Weldo Metal Fabrication

Onsite Ship Body Repairs

Complex jobs. Difficult installations. Artistic beauty.

Turning Machines

Complex jobs. Difficult installations. Artistic beauty.

Fabrication of Precision Metal Parts

Complex jobs. Difficult installations. Artistic beauty.

CNC Milling

Our 3 axes CNC machine has a bed size of 1000 x 800 mm

CNC Waterjet Cutting

The right process can make all the difference

CNC Plasma/Gas Cutting

We will work with you to figure out what you need


Our Gallery

Weldo Metal Fabrication

Turning Machines

We have several turning lathes with a maximum turning diameter of 1200mm, and an effective bed length of 9 meters...

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Weldo Metal Fabrication


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Weldo Metal inc

We have a versatile and experienced team of engineers and technicians who are dedicated and always ready for a challenge!!!

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